Ethos, Vision and Values

Ethos, Values & Vision

Embracing Community, Enriching Hearts, Expanding Horizons

Rodmarton Primary School is a thriving rural village school in the heart of the Cotswold Countryside, where children experience learning beyond the classroom. 

Our small size means we know the children completely and can help develop the whole child.

Our Aims

The school commits itself to:

  • Create a happy, caring, and safe community where all children feel confident to learn, grow and thrive.
  • Provide an ambitious curriculum that is challenging yet accessible for all that will ignite a lifelong love for learning.
  • Produce resilient, articulate, inquisitive learners who ask questions and make rational and informed decisions.
  • Acknowledge and support the unique individuality of each child.
  • Develop pupils’ understanding of themselves in relation to their communities and the wider world, being kind, respectful, compassionate and caring human beings.
  • To use our beautiful rural setting to create an understanding of the importance of caring for our natural world.

Ethos & Values

Confident, Curious, Kind, Resilient, Challenge and Collaborate

We are a small, caring and friendly school community which treats each other with respect, compassion and kindness. We believe in providing a fully rounded education where each child can succeed wherever their strengths, interests and talents lie. No one is invisible here, and everyone is supported to try new things and learn through self-reflection and feedback. With high expectations underpinned by high-quality, inclusive teaching and learning, we will lay the foundations for life. 

Our Vision

To provide a nurturing environment that inspires pupils to achieve their full potential and cultivates well-rounded young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make a positive impact on the modern world.