Royal Academy of Arts: Young Artists’ Summer Show Entry

This year, the school has entered the Young Artists’ Summer Show held by Royal Academy of Arts. I think we can all agree that our entry, a collective effort by all the children, is a masterpiece of imagination and skill and one that shines a light on our local surroundings and history.

Thank you to Mrs Jones for overseeing this project:

The Inspiration:

The project began with the children venturing out into their local environment, their eyes wide open and pencils in hand. They meticulously observed their surroundings, capturing the essence of the place through observational drawings. This initial step fostered a connection with their local landscape and provided the foundation for their artistic exploration.

Composition and Simplification:

Back in the classroom, the focus shifted to composition. The children carefully considered the arrangement of elements within their drawings, ensuring a balanced and visually appealing final piece. To further refine their artistic vision, some children employed the mono print technique. This method allowed them to simplify their drawings, extracting the core shapes and lines that resonated with them.

Textile Transformation:

With a clear artistic direction established, the children embarked on the creation of their final textile pieces. Felt was chosen as the medium, a nod to the rich history of felt production in Stroud, a tradition that continues to this day. This choice not only connected the project to the local heritage but also provided a tactile and versatile material for artistic expression.

Layers and Colour:

Building upon their simplified drawings, the children began adding layers of colour and visual interest. This stage allowed them to inject their own creativity and personality into the pieces, transforming the initial observations into vibrant textile artworks.

Celebrating Local Craft:

The use of felt and the focus on textile creation paid homage to the renowned tapestry work of Rodmarton Manor. This renowned institution, along with its dedication to textiles and the local guild, served as a significant source of inspiration for the project.

In essence, this project was a beautiful blend of observation, artistic exploration, and local heritage appreciation. The children embarked on a creative journey, starting with their immediate surroundings and culminating in textile artworks that celebrated the rich history and traditions of their community.