SEN & Disabilities

SEND or Special Educational Needs and Disability is when pupils may need additional or different provision to enable them to achieve their potential.

It is when one or more of the following is a barrier to their learning:

  • Speech, Language and Communication
  • Behaviour
  • Difficulty learning
  • Medical, Physical or Sensory Need

What does SEND support look like at Rodmarton School?

Additional SEND support may include small group or 1:1 teaching, additional or different resources or strategies used to support a pupil’s learning or advice and support from outside agencies.

These may be:

  • School Nurse
  • Educational Psychologist (EP)
  • Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) Occupational Therapist (OT) Consultant Paediatrician
  • Advisory Teaching Service (ATS)

You can access the support of the people below:

  1. SENDCo – Mrs Lisa Tew
  2. Headteacher – Mr Matthew Smith
  3. Class teachers
  4. Your GP or Health Visitor

Our skilled staff identify children as having Special Education needs (SEN) in a variety of ways:

Class teachers assess every term and observe their children throughout the school year. They have a good understanding of the age-related expectations for children in their class and receive ongoing training and support in identifying pupils with SEN. Teachers observe not only their academic progress but also their social and communication skills. 

The school monitors the progress of all children at the end of every term. Class teachers discuss this progress with the Headteacher and SENDCo and children who are felt to possibly have SEN are identified and added to the SEN register.

The SENDCo monitors and evaluates the provision made for children with SEN. This is completed by regular meetings with class teachers, observations of interventions and regular review meetings to assess the progress a child is making against their targets.

We request information about children’s progress and needs from their previous school/pre-school setting.

We work with a number of health professionals and they will inform us of any SEN concerns.

We act on parents’/carers’ concerns and always investigate further.

What is ‘My Plan’?

A ‘My Plan’ is a document that sets out specific targets for your child to work on. Work towards the targets are supported by the staff at school. 

For some targets your child will have 1-to-1 or small group sessions outside of the class environment. Some targets may be classroom based with additional support or equipment to help your child. There may be ways you can also help your child at home, this will be discussed when each new My Plan is shared with you.

My Plans will be reviewed and shared with you three times a year. You can discuss the plan at any point with the class teacher or SENDCo.

What if additional help is required beyond the school’s resources?

When a child needs additional provision that we are unable to provide through the school’s resources, we may consider putting your child forward to work with outside agencies. This can involve working with Educational Psychologist services or Advisory Teaching Teams as well as other outside agencies.

The School will support you through this process but if you need any further advice get in touch with SENDIASS Gloucestershire who offer a confidential and impartial service.